How is Vi going to measure HRV and what will she use the info for? Will HRV detect overall fatigue? Will recovery be measured after a training day with HRV?


HRV is a feature we are looking to add post-version 1. HRV can be used to detect fatigue and readiness to train. In version 1 Vi will be able to detect fatigue during workouts, without HRV, and will recommend to slow up. As we move forward, we are interested to see how Vi can take into consideration user's pre-training conditions. For example, any workouts that have been done pre-run, user's readiness to run etc. Then she could adjust the run accordingly. Recovery is a feature that we also will look to evaluate as we move forward. HRV is within our realm of possibility, but we would want to see how important this is to our users to decide if this is something we should work on sooner rather than later.

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