What is the effort guide?


Vi uses the data inputs gathered from your runs to learn about your performance; inputs range from, speed, pace, cadence, HR, correlated with age, height and gender info. Using this information she is able to ‘map’ these points against an existing database of runner data. The combined effect is tailored guidance that has been adapted or calibrated to a users specific performance, with this reference your specific effort zones are determined. The next time you workout, Vi can see where you are at within these zones and guide you accordingly.

On average the calibration period is 2 hours but the effort guide can be unlocked before or after these 2 hours. Once that is complete, you will unlock the effort guide. The effort guide helps you understand what speed is best for you during each moment of the run. For examples, do you want to go for longer runs; do you want to burn more calories; do you want to play around with different speeds for intervals? Vi will tell you what paces to run at for each instance!

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