How do I initiate a voice session with Vi?


A voice session with Vi can be initiated by tapping on the right earbud and saying a command after the tone. Current supported voice commands include:

  • "Heart Rate"- Vi will tell you your current heart rate.
  • "How am I doing?"- A complete summary of your progress. You can choose which statistics you want to hear in your settings under "How am I doing?" The current stat options are: heart rate, speed, pace, cadence/step rate, and power.
  • "Step to the Beat"- Activates coaching to improve the number of steps you take per minute.
  • "Stop"- Stops in-run coaching and effort guidance.

More commands including music control, song radio, additional real time stats (such as cadence, speed, etc.), activating specific segments of training (such as an interval), will be added via free software updates as we continue to refine our capabilities.

If you are having trouble with voice recognition, this is a known issue that has been addressed in both app updates and over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates. In order to have the best experience with Vi possible, we recommend having the latest app version and latest "Vi Earphones" version:

We will continuously improve the voice recognition via additional OTA and app updates. If you are having trouble with the right earbud sensor to initiate a voice session, are hearing longer tones than expected, or find that voice session are accidentally occurring, this is also a known issue that will be fixed in the upcoming OTA update.

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