Why isn’t Vi chatty sometimes?


There are a couple reasons why Vi may not be as talkative as you're used to during a run:

1. She could be working hard to learn about who you are and how you run during the initial calibration period of about 2 hours. Once you have passed this calibration period, Vi will be significantly more chatty, providing real-time insights, and coaching you to meet your goals.

2. Your "Chatiness Level" has been lowered. This setting gives you control over how much or little Vi talks to you during your run. To check this setting or to update it, click on your profile picture in the app home screen, navigate to your settings, and select "Chatiness Level". There are 3 chattiness levels: the most chatty is called "lead the way," followed by a medium level called "a little less," and a low chattiness level called "short and sweet." You can switch this setting based on a specific run or mood you're in that day.

3. Additionally, we are always adding new content to the Vi app so she will always have something new and exciting to say!

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