Are international customs, duties, taxes, and fees included in the price of Vi?


No, the cost of your device does not include international customs, duties, taxes, and fees outside of the US.

These additional fees vary wildly based on what country, state, and province you live in. If there are additional fees, you will have to pay them upon delivery. Or, if your package gets held at customs, you may have to pick up and pay at the customs office.

In case you want to do some googling to find out what the charges might be in your region:

  • We are shipping via DHL 
  • The price of Vi that is declared is the price you paid
  • The description of goods is “bluetooth headphones" 
  •  The HS Code is 8518.30.20.00 

If for some reason you encounter any problems receiving Vi, we are happy to provide any additional documentation or certificates you need.

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